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Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Optimal Monitoring

American Economic Journal: Macro, Vol. 7, pp. 249-290, 2015

with B. Ravikumar and Yuzhe Zhang 

Eligibility, Experience Rating ,and Unemployment Insurance Take-up

Quantitative Economics, Vol. 11, pp. 1059-1107, 2020

with Stéphane Auray


Productivity Insurance: The Role of Unemployment Benefits in a Multisector Model

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 47, pp. 39-53, 2014

with Marianna Kudlyak and Damba Lkhagvasuren

Labor Force Participation and Pairwise Efficient Contracts with Search and Bargaining

Labour Economics, Vol. 19, pp. 388-402, 2012

with Bryan Engelhardt

Unemployment Insurance Take-up Rates in an Equilibrium Search Model

European Economic Review, Vol. 112, pp. 1-31, 2019

with Stéphane Auray and Damba Lkhagvasuren

Comparative Advantage and Moonlighting

European Economic Review, Vol. 139, October, 2021

with Stéphane Auray and Guillaume Vandenbrouke

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